Bella AgamaOm

* Neil Young..."Well worth the time & investment." - - 3 hour bodywork & voice dialogue session. Superlative following concert!!!

* Dustin Hoffman..."Thanks for opening up a whole new world to me!" - - for unique swedish/deep tissue to voice dialogue bodywork. 

Marc Savard, NHL..."Excellent!”!"

*Jack Irons, Drummer, “The Wallflowers” Jakob Dylan; Pearl Jam
"In a time of stress and transition, I found Bella's bodywork therapy to be very healing. She is a highly loving individual. She is very comforting in her touch. I recommend Bella’s bodywork therapy to anybody."

*Dr. Roy Siegel, Chiropractor to the Pope & Celebs...
"After each session with Bella, I feel taller.  Also my muscles are relaxed and elongated. My spine, chest and  abdominal areas are revitalized.  I feel that my functional physiology is enhanced."

*Bryan Cary, Bell Island..."Prior to the gift of meeting Bella, I had such bad lower back pain, that I could not walk three blocks. After six months of her healing techniques, I am pain free."

*Trudy Taylor, Artist and Mother of The Taylor Musical Family including Alex, Hugh, James, Kate and Livingston...
(Bella AgamaOm's book "The Vineyard, Yoga & The Miracle Food") "Bella -- with the pounding surf behind her -- watching over her flock of yoga-ettes -- on the soft beach. What pleasant memories. She always chose the right spot. A healing person."
About Bella

Bella AgamaOm (AH'-gah-mah-om) nurtures her lifelong love of bodywork, music, dance and the fine arts united with her devotion to Yoga and Eastern philosophy. She is a renaissance woman of noble aspiration and formidable accomplishment.  Her credits include recently performing a sacred dance from India at the Jacob Javits Convention Center for the Hugging Saint Amma, doing a benefit concert with her band to raise funds for children’s soccer to previously teaching at Harvard University and serving as Benefit Chairperson for The World Citizen’s Environmental Association to The United Nations.  Bella is also a published artist, yoga author and international recording artist.

Bella standing next to her painting © 2010 “Loving”  at a NYC Gallery.

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